Development Management

Bringing your projects to life
As Development Managers, Core Two is engaged in the conception phase of a project to help Owners and Developers determine the best strategy to address a project's feasibility through a detailed Project Delivery Plan.

  • Land Acquisition & Investment Planning
  • Project Design & Quality
  • Strategic Planning Proforma & Financing
  • Development & Construction Management
  • Budget & Schedule Development
  • Risk Management

Our professionals utilize proven project control strategies, and risk management solutions designed to ensure successful project completion and occupancy. As a support for our client, we provide hands on management in overseeing design and construction

Core Two's team of professionals have decades of experience in providing development management services on small to large-scale projects.

Core Two is a leading professional cost advisory consultancy trusted by many owners, investors, and real estate developers to achieve better results and success. We are setting an example as leaders in the industry by utilizing both local and global expertise.

We truly believe that by utilizing innovation, integrity, and intelligence, Core Two can deliver optimum value for your core property and construction investments.

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    Core Two is continually up-to-date with the market conditions and is able to identify areas that are growth opportunity and activity. With decades of experience in the real estate market throughout Western Canada, it is our mission to source and provide the best land opportunities for investors. Core Two is well connected in the industry and has access to land purchase opportunities across Canada. Through in-depth review Core Two will assist with the following: - Sourcing land opportunities - Preliminary design planning - Proforma planning and strategy - Project timeline planning - Market condition analysis Through effective project assessments, we target optimization of the investor’s return on investment (ROI) and provide various strategies to achieve anticipated returns. We have successfully assisted investors in many development sectors including market strata or income producing residential,commercial, and light industrial.
    Gathering the right design professionals is key in order to complete the project to the best interest of the Owner. We ensure that the design team understands and delivers to the client’s brief. This stage will entail communication between the design team and the municipalities to obtain the required permits, and completing the necessary tasks to advance the project in design. At this stage, Core Two ensures the following: - Proper flow of communication; - Meet the Owner's design needs; - Clear understanding of financing feasibility; - Successfully obtain the municipality's approvals; - Clear layout of project goals. Project Goals Achieved: - Achieve project feasibility; - Complete majority of design; - Obtain all municipality approvals to begin construction; - Complete initial proforma and project budget
    Project financing is a major element that can substantially change the project's feasibility. It is Core Two’s intention to obtain the best financing package for the Owner with a finance program structure that is best suited for the project. Core Two is well connected with the commercial banking and real estate lending services in Canada. We will facilitate financing for the Owner to ensure the best finance package for the project. Project Goals Achieved: - Achieve the best project financing for the project.
    Implementing a sales and marketing plan is essential in order to meet revenue targets. Core Two will assist with further developer responsibilities including: - New Home Warranty & Manuals, - Project Insurance - Rights of Way/Covenants on Title - Workers Compensation Board (WCB) requirements - Disclosure statements With years of experience, Core Two has built relationships with many major marketing firms. Project Goals Achieved: - Select a reputable marketing team to promote the development and manage sales.
    As the design is further completed, Core Two will approach the best Contractors to build the project. We will collaborate with the Owner in order to proactively decide the procurement route of the project. This will entail discussing the pros and cons of different procurement methods and detailed explanations of any risks involved. Core Two has also partnered with well-seasoned construction managers and will utilize their expertise during the construction phase. Core Two is well connected in the construction industry and is well aware of all major contractors. It is important to us that the best Contractors are selected to build the project according to all requirements set out by the design team, municipality, and the Owner. It is also important that costs are negotiated in order to meet proforma expectations. Project Goals Achieved: - The best procurement method is selected for the project; - The best Contractor(s) are selected to build the project.
    In order to ensure a successful project delivery, Core Two utilizes proven budget control of project costs. Through years of experience with connections in the construction industry, we are always proactively aware of any impacts to the market conditions and are able to strategically plan for any issues. During the course of the project, there will be close monitoring of the costs to ensure the project is completed within budget. As well, we will collaborate with the Owner to assess changes in design and provide value engineering analyses. Core Two provides comfort to the Owner that the project is being managed with proven methods in order to keep the project within budget. Project Goals Achieved: - Successfully monitor the costs of the project and proactively address impacts to the budget.
    Project Scheduling is key to ensure that the target occupancy date is being met. Any delays the project completion date may substantially increase the cost of the project. It is Core Two's best interest to monitor the works on site and proactively address any delays. Core Two has years of experience in project scheduling and is able to utilize methods to meet scheduling expectations. With proper communication and management throughout the project, we are able to identify potential delays. Project Goals Achieved: - Successfully achieve project occupancy.
    As the project achieves occupancy the building will require final inspections and documentation to be completed. This will also consist of homeowner documents, building insurance, forming a strata corporation, loan pay down, and addressing any minor deficiencies. Core Two will ensure that the project delivery is successful and transferred to the future homeowners. Project Goals Achieved: - Successfully complete the project.